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Title: Oil and asphalt prospects in Salt Lake Basin, Utah
Authors: Boutwell, J. M.
Issue Date: 1905
Publisher: United States Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey, United States Government Printing Office
Citation: Contributions to economic geology: Bulletin; no. 260, pp. 468-479 (1905)
Type: book
Pages: 13
Abstract: The exposure of asphalt by the recent recession of Great Salt Lake has stimulated exploration for oil and bituminous products in Salt Lake basin. Gas occurs at several points along the east shore of Great Salt Lake in the vicinity of Fannington; oil is reported from Skull Valley, southwest of the Oquirrh Range, and asphalt is being prospected on the north shore of Great Salt Lake south of Rozel Hills. Ground has been extensively located in each of these localities, and several companies have been organized to explore for oil and asphalt. One company, controlled and operated by the Guffey & Galey Company, of Pittsburg, has been actively engaged in boring for about a year, one is now boring, another has sunk several test borings in asphalt, another has contracted with professional drillers to sink three wells to 4,000 feet if necessary, and others have been chiefly engaged in securing properties awaiting developments. In the early spring of 1904, in the course of work in the neighboring Park City mining district, the writer visited the only property. There exploration was then actually in progress, and in the fall of that year visited the oil and asphalt prospects at Rozel Hills. This work was of a reconnaissance character, and it was not possible during these brief visits to make a complete study of the geologic problems involved. As certain general facts which were obtained may be of immediate service in future exploration in this region, it seems advisable to publish them at once. These are presented in the following sketch, after a general statement on the geography and geology of the region, under descriptions of the oil prospect near Farmington so far as known the next deepest boring in Utah and of the oil and high-grade asphalt prospects at Rozel Hills.
URI: http://ds.heavyoil.utah.edu/dspace/handle/123456789/5385
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